a cake for a cake

there were brick fences and plastic pipes
under the guava trees in our flight.
ladies with songs and kings with clowns
next to the comical backyard marathons.
 in sweaters we found muddy lints
my pleasurable little muffin kin.

soft speeches and puppies in pockets,
tank drawings and television sequence.
under chimneys and star gazing we held
coca cola in wine glass treasons. 
our childhood with fights and cries,
makes glee seem undignified. 

you may have blackmail complaints, 
I may have bigger lawsuits.
but your drawings were better,
while my speeches were glitters.

may you always have love tooth,
gnawing at your wisdom and fortitude.
maybe un-forgetting and never mending 
the fragments of nuisance and superman
flames, my little mouse brother 

you have turned another year again.  

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