songs for man


Patience is a virtue; thank cosmos my mother was/is a garden junkie.

[ I am confused,
I do not remember you.


I do not remember the coughs, I only recall buwaji, Sunny, lovers, walls, blankets, all of them and it, concerned over my chest noises.

I do not remember how you called out my name. My name has become foreign due to all these bideshi tongues. How did my name play your lips, I can't recall.

I do not remember kisses, were there any at all? Though so many kisses lived and died, I do not remember loving, most of all. ]

But underneath and undying, you are a seed. Who knows what flowers will bloom?

Patience is a virtue.


Five years is a long time.
While one month,
18 days is a long time too.

Let us live with elastic parameters,
because time, affection,
& longings remain relative.


I am fond of gardens, overalt.

We are cruel sometimes. 

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Anonymous said...

a day, in itself is a long time.