suddenly I am down

how did you get here?

did images of abandoned mornings
and kisses without tongues 
strap you like anchor
to sink you?
did words,
careless and tiny
like swallows, smolder you to ashes?

from where did you inherit the fall ? 
was it the head or the heart ?
or was it the sequins of secret lust?

did you squeeze 
your breast on your way 
down like it was made of marshmallows?
did you lose your sense of direction 
like that time you nearly
drowned ?

down is not out, you must not close your eyes. 

can you see anyone? 



Kjetil said...

Looks like you are tracing the fall.. is it for the benefit of a happier heart?

Your monologue is quite beautiful.

dream walker said...

the fairy tales, always behind us...
but i want to believe down is not out.

Christopher said...

'down is not out, you must not close your eyes' - some of things you write makes a lot of sense. I think it is dangerous that it does. But beautiful arrangement of words regardless of dangers out there.