pardon me

last night,

I was supposed to make pasta and fish for dinner, I did not.

I was supposed to head to the gym for an hour; that didn't happen.
I was supposed to look up tutorials and make myself a nun's habit ( in white), but it wasn't to be.

this morning,

I was supposed to fix some breakfast but I nearly burned down the kitchen again.

I was even supposed to call mom and chit chat for few minutes, but then I couldn't even endure my own voice.
I was to get up early and start cleaning my room for the party tonight, but hey I am still in bed.


I am supposed to be wearing my glasses but I have my eyes closed.

While I am supposed to breathe long breaths, I am choking on oxygen.
And am I not supposed to dream about you? But here I am wide awake, refusing you. 

My gun is better than yours.


Anonymous said...

how to not be a king of the jungle
#refuse to apply body butter.

dream walker said...

Starting to sound familiar, S.