where is your dirt?

My methods for getting back order are tangentially easier. I routinely round up the sullen books and empty beer cans. I bound dirty clothes with each other's threads and toss the broken lives into the bin. The lipstick stain of polite grins and bubble gum nods get erased. Stacks of alphabetical yearnings from dirty and busy fingers in screens get deleted without a breath. Its almost like the vacuum cleaner is sucking every noise in the cosmos, it comes thundering into life screaming for silence. 

But does silence come? Well, it does and sadly it never stays for too long. 

That's because we are so darn busy, yo. When life is busy, there are so many different kinds of noise. The gutter of human chatter from the moment you wake up till you crawl into bed again is heavy. There are the petite sounds of keyboards, ringtones and elevator bells. Even the familiar click of your keys in doors or car holes scratch a sound. All these multiple layers of noise deprive you of a clean and peaceful life. 

Still we go at it aggressively every week, every month; on and on. We try so hard to make it happen, to keep the stains away from clean sheets. To religiously keep the sight of dirt absent. To keep noise locked out of the room and head.

But it is piffle to resist the noise, the dirt, the confusions..

I don't know what is more amusing: the irony of all that cleaning out of life turning into a dirty game of cycles, or the fact that if you don't create order in your life you become a spec in the landscape of filth and chaos yourself. Because let's face it, to have order in life is such a turn on. Everything in its proper place; nothing inclined too far or north. It is a desirable luxury. But ironically, order in its magnificence is built on disorder. So in this dirty game, disorder is actually necessary for order eh..

Anyhow, I procrastinated cleaning my room again today for the 24th time this month. Blah. 

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