to adore you is to quit being complacent

or not?
'your hair is a dead bird's nest',
he thinks but says not a word to her.

'I hate your shoes like it's made of foolishness', 
she feels and might say well edited verses in its interest,

'you left me alone and walked off that night'
he reminds her, and reels in sadness.

but the landscape of romance insists
 that you chose not love or pain but you 
polish your swords to hunt down preys, and bully
 mild affections saying 'you think too much', and you
hang up the phone during the middle of a grand sentence
and spit on noses & rub word wounds.
oh you must. but

to adore, to be reminiscent, to dream together
to love, to remember. remember to dare
and become non-complacent like a maladjusted glove
that starts to fit slowly, so
let me be yours now

tarna kumar


Prakash Subedi said...

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