let thy chthonic ghosts die

kl.0745: New addictions are mandatory. I drink milk obsessively now.

kl.1415: Eating almost a quarter of a cake today [carrot cake: num num num] shouldn't make any woman feel guilty or irresponsible as a vanity object. Nope. 

KL.1715: The other day boyfriend showed me a video of Nepali police raiding a guest house in Kathmandu. Now police wants to set up an example of culturally apt sexual values? Picking on young, consensual adults is a waste of our tax money. Don't they have something better to do, like catch rapists instead? Ha.

kl.1830: I wonder how fantastic rest of the world feels after a proper, sunny beating of high temperatures and deo stick rubs. Summer is over. So is frequent shaving, waxing and 11 pm fearless runs. I will be running at 9 pm now; looking like a yeti.

kl.2300: My sleep is miserable like a deaf Panotti. Sometimes I wake up an hour before the alarm and the other day I did not even hear it. Taming your sleep probably is a triumph.

kl.2305: Oh yes, I quit smoking. I miss it not as much as I miss getting spanked.

kl.2320: I saw Henrik Ibsen's bed today, it is as big as mine. I guess, some of us like beds big enough to just about fit all of us and our egos. 

 KL.0015: As a kid I would have never desired to be a grown up if I knew one day I would not even have enough time in a day to masturbate. Who knew time would shrink as age stretched!

KL.0020: Look out for changes, stay perky for happiness.

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wanderer said...

i have added you to my blog strangeroots.blogspot.com also do you know ayushma gmail ..the thing is now instead of asking people their email id i just add them if i know their email id..
don't mind me if i end up writing crap poems and short stories ..