carrots, please

kl.1130: Meet pinchi: an old man struggled to stand or sit properly in the trikk today. Through out the ride I held out my hand and stayed in stand-by position, across the aisle from him, to stop him from falling over during turns and high speed. I felt so sad seeing him commute alone when he looks like he should not. My nose pinched and as usual tears followed. A stranger looked at me. I had to fake a yawn. Haray shiva! 

kl.1800: It used to be 20 feet, now I can't even read what is 6 feet ahead. It is high time I start eating carrots again, or wear glasses.

Kl.2130: These days slowly digging into instagram is fun. The whole joy of it isn't trying to compete with the selfie-whores, but rather relish the candour. There is possibility to create a sense of how people are, how they think and to some extent who they would like to think they are through the pictures posted. Sometimes you know people mislead you. That is exciting, the misleading channels. 

kl.2330: I have started to meditate again; that doesn't make me spiritual though. 

kl,2345: Try not to hate alternatives, they keep you going. Or growing. 

kl.0015: I noticed I am blocked.

kl.0120: Sex is circles and slowly. Familiarity breeds security. But there is fun involved as no one is the same after a little game. 

kl.0215: 'Close your eyes, touch your breast, rub your thighs and say my name'. Is that all? 

kl.0310: I have finally announced the guptabaas. I shall come here to pander though.

Cody VanderKaay


Anonymous said...

Are you the misleading type?

sneezestar said...

That is a misleading question with no honest answers.

dream walker said...

Never go on guptabaas on this space and on emails