itchy lips may kiss

 'I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge 
you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.' - Kurt Vonnegut. Jr


I dreamed about you again. 

We were both running to find some source of water. It was urgency in 
our search that made me sweat and wake up grappling the night's thin air. 

I found my pillow wet with tears and my heart hurt (this is a small price to 
pay for being disgracefully susceptible to dreams/nightmares that keep one 
enthralled for hours even after waking up). But I tried to salvage the dream.

I only remember the torrid rush; my body was on flames with thick smoke. 
The air was quickly turning into dust and the whole forest was lighting up. 

 However, I recall total absence of fear. Maybe because you were also burning. 


Of course, I remember. You would cautiously look at me like I am a
magical rabbit that might disappear into the hat any minute. You took 
care not to let go of my ears. You delicately tried to see if I was real.
When you decided that I was not a magical rabbit, you shoved me
back into the hat. And of course, I can see you are still wondering if
I am a magical rabbit or not. You think you were wrong, don't you?

But you see, I am not a magical rabbit at all. I am the magician.


You can't live like this. You must remember each and every moment we
pretended to be profound. You must remember every night we thought
about death and clasped each other to assure life of bliss. You must
remember that your lies or mine have now transpired into a story that
will forever move us when we look back. You must make me the villain
and I shall make you the villain. You must stab the absence with crust.

You must take up the weapons and show me what it is to be without.


And there I was thinking we were just having a little bit of fun. 


dream walker said...

you write for me. out of my soul

Anonymous said...

I kinda like you. A lot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri_7c-ZAHbA

remembering you said...

Do you write in pain or from release of it?

wanderer said...

well you know how to be lost don't you.

Anonymous said...

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