liquid memories

It must be water bullets, colors, screaming, evasive hands and feet, wet bodies everywhere in kathmandu today. I do not miss that however. I never was keen about holi. Holi always made me anxious. As a kid we weren't allowed to hit water balloons at anyone else other than ourselves [ like that ever was an endless source of fun]. And as a teenager, the main door to our house used to be locked up because dad would be half day gone to some guthi ko puja. Holi always made me anxious.

But I don't give a hoot about it anymore. Thus, 
I sit in my room, free of anxiety, with the curtains closed and the fat speakers blaring; not curious about how kathmandu is getting itself smudged under the sun (while here I keep the sun out. The sun is going to rape me if I open the curtains and you aren't even here to save me). 

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Anonymous said...

i can understand your urge to play holi beyond your words; i really can see it