this is not a secret

Where can they find you?

You might not be spotted standing next to me, while I wait for 
the bus, the tram, the train, or at gate no.37 before it starts
boarding with a bored frown giving me premature wrinkles,
like my mother would exclaim.

You might not be found next to my dry, naked body, before
I rub the blueberry body butter like an incest lather. 

You might not even be seen sitting across me while I eat
momo, read gay magazines or drink dark beer after I sleepily
vandalize walls of public lavatory in style i.e.

But if they looked harder, they might just find you poised like
a crown on the alphabetical playgrounds, wearing metaphors
and similes for a grin. 

You might be seen at the corners of sentences, tucking your
shirt and pouring gin & tonic.

If they looked closely, they will find your voice vibrating
from the colorful walls of my abstractions, that gently arrange
themselves like a psychoanalyst’s dream.

If they searched for you with a microscopic heart then, they
shall find you secretly buried underneath all of these
adjectives and verbs, like the sun bottled inside a torch
light in the dark. 


wanderer said...


well i made this video long time ago its a short movie

wanderer said...

of all the things you had to see the stalking part hai atti

Anonymous said...

farewell ..

that new guy on wordwarrior is not bad read his notes ..

i will invite you to my blog hai well i have sort of started writing sort of but haven't shown it to anyone well still more reading for me for a while then i will start writing in blog ..

ah past hai atti shradha ..also you are 5:8 as tall as me i feel bad ...