limping, not

  1. I drew some robots today. I might well continue making robots into the week. 
  2. New glasses are on their way. My doctor says that I 'have' to wear them now (though he did say so 2 years ago too). He promised me that those new glasses will give me x-ray vision, foresight and acute awareness of ulterior motives. But I am not so thrilled.
  3. One more exciting plan  for summer in motion. 
  4. A new discovery: smoking cigarettes is part of the cosmic procrastination plan of the ego. No wonder it has escalated these days. 
  5. I want to hear tree frogs sing and watch mountain-goats dance. 
  6. Masturbation  is not an ostentatious guilt. 
  7. My heart is as calm as the floor of an abyss where the sun comes to hide, thanks to absolute isolation from petty conversations and humans.
  8. I am having sushi for dinner, again. 
  9. Spring came earlier than I had anticipated. My gills and wings are still frosty. 

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