I speak your language says restlessness

Yet another night. Or is it already another morning? Or am I on the edges of a transition, from night to day? Another casual conflict in mental grooming caused by absence of ...sleep. Well, I don't know what time does to my breathing slots these days. I am awake at odd witch-like hours, sleeping at ungodly minutes and gasping for meaning in between each leery slumber. Anyways, I was just outside in the balcony- doing my nightly breathing exercises. Just same old me, reiterating the whole process of looking at the city and pausing to observe it, like I am not a part of this biped jungle. But many many years ago, it was slightly different.. Insomnia felt good once.

As a child whenever I woke up in the middle of the mid-night and early morning hours, I used to be enormously pleased with myself. I loved knowing that everyone else I knew was sleeping (yes, strange- you'd say). Because really, absence of  human-sightings is more often than not a dovetail move for sanity (I should add, 'in my case'). Alas, it is so hard to get that feeling if you wake up in the middle of the night now. It doesn't work like that anymore.  

Tonight everywhere I looked there were people. Every light turned on and turned off had a story behind it. But then I saw two lights move in the horizon. People are flying too, at this hour..

Suddenly, I did not feel so bad ....


Unknown said...

wow, my fantastic friend all I can say is wow!

dream walker said...

insomnia doesn't feel so bad when I read you.