time is fking strange in a nepali village

'Those bastards', said Stan Marsh.. ..

Soon. Not more than 200 years from now, the world will have to redefine or just trash the word 'patriotism' from normal behavior. It will have a new definition or it will have lost its meaning in some spatiotemporal translation. Because the youngest continents in themselves are results of immigration. Economy will decide where a country starts and ends, or when. Just look at how easy (or not) it is today to consider you moving to another country! However the irony of all this for me is how tiny humanoids are drawing lines on earth and saying this is theirs and that too; and actually dying for it. Is that not idiotic? No?

Anyways, awkward realizations about things in general apart, reading about what is happening in Nepal or hearing the news on BBC nepali radio is something worth talking about. Nepali politics propels me to find it stranger not to ignore it everyday. Whether it is my lack of patience for absence of intellectual reality in Nepal or there is a lot of re-adjustments to do in my own head, I know not- but things are getting more retarded. Politics is a dirty game and Nepal is getting dirtier by the second. 

There is only one end to all the contemplation you do-  the world is bouncing off on hundreds of donkey's egos in Kathmandu. I feel ashamed. . Some frustrations have no correlation with the ability to dissect issues. In some cases, it only worsens it.

On the other hand, my interest for nepali language is doing some wonders if not thinking about the landscape. Twatayendra, for instance, is a comical literary fusion. But my frustrations are scarier than my joys, at times. Last month I tried typing 'bhanchu' and it took me an hour just to figure out how the Unicode keyboard for Devangari script fashions itself across my abc to z. Hard work for an adult nepali to type the two syllabus 'bhanchu' even in an hour? That, my friend, is a mark of technical ignorance regarding one's own language, a shame really. Khai, I don't know about others, but these petty things tend to bother me. Ignorance should always bother us, says a geek in me. (I should learn how to type in nepali this year for sure.)

There. I have exhausted my sleepy breath on few sentences, for you..

You, the people who exist in an unknown world. The world far away from my own, perhaps.

What fun.

What glee.

What misery.

sometimes you need to look under this sky.


          Lisp said...

          i hope i'll learn to type in Nepali too, this year :)

          Unknown said...

          It's always interesting to read what you have to say.....The Nepali politics being hand-poppetted by our politicians is beyond my grasp too, or I guess of any sane and rational person's...
          And I agree with you, Nepali being our own mother tongue, we find it difficult to read and write(type)...I don't know how to type in Nepali either and I agree, it indeed is a shame, a gigantic truckload of shame....

          Anonymous said...

          thats an amazing picture and a clever caption.

          other than that, nepali politics is the way it is because like everywhere, capitalism is the name of the game. there's not enough money in politics if you do it all legal, but if you're too concerned with making dirty money, you fail as a politician.

          maybe we students should return huh?

          sneezestar said...

          The first Arabic web addresses are going online now, a revolution on a technical frontier. And we are stuck with being unable to type in Nepali. Sure, there are other more important issues to tackle.. like facebook? I am not a fanatical nationalist but it is sad, not being able to type in your own mother tongue. Eh?

          And thinkinink, I think it is more than just capitalism. I think it is part time stupidity and arrogance plaguing these politicians :]