interpret this-

Dear possibility,

during a short momentary nap,
i dreamt Sigmund Freud on the
couch and Adolf Hitler smoking
my skinny rolled cigarettes and
talking. they were talking about
the existence of momo and its
history. and i was trying to make
some sense as to why they couldn't
see the anthropological significance
of kathmandu's trade to tibet and
hence the tibetain momos being
infused with newari culture. the
funniest part was Adolf Hitler
was speaking very good nepali.

and it made me wonder, how
dreams really do not provide
ANY ground for interpretation
watsoever. never.

waheyaat kura garna sipalu Sarda


Tara Prasai said...

I think I understand the premise.

raatekainla said...

Interesting dream. Makes for a fantastic story (or, why not, even a painting a la Salvador Dali?). Could be allegorical. Why don't you write one?

sneeze-star said...

thats a thought. planting thoughts..mmm

Anonymous said...

wassssssssssss up !