sell broken bones

cranium :
6,981 cigarettes out 
and the mind is still not set,
on how many penumbras 
I will slyly replicate.

carpus :
Saddles and padlocks 
don't scare you.
but I secretly know where 
today shall take you.

femur :
My stockings clasp my thighs like you,
and my socks too smell my feet.
Dear, the twigs I stole yesterday,
now know all these little warm things.

hyoid :
Don't follow, don't fall in love
 with the shadows I cast.
Feint and orchestrated, 
they are out of control, 
they mime truth last.


dream walker said...

you are the greatest of my favourite living poets! i wish happiness also inspired poetry

sneezestar said...

Thank you P, you are very kind with your words!

And I believe happiness does inspire poetry, but some days are better than others ;]